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Why Diets Fail

By: June Chen, MD



It’s no secret that obesity is on the rise. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease, so the obesity epidemic is a major public health concern all over the world. You probably hear about new diets all the time, but have you ever wondered why so many diets fail?
Most diets fail because they concentrate only on the food you eat. Behavioral researchers have studied the factors that drive our food choices and they’ve found that, beyond how food tastes, we are strongly influenced by eating habits that we’ve developed over the course of our lives. What that means is, in order for diets to work, they need to address how we can change our bad eating habits.
Jenny Craig® goes beyond diets and addresses food awareness, physical activity, and mind balance to offer personal weight management solutions. Too many diets fail because goals are unrealistic or difficult to maintain over time. So, Jenny Craig®’s programs target realistic goals and provide the support people need to break bad eating habits, even when they are eating out.
Over 600,000 people attend Jenny Craig® centers for an average of 12 weeks, with an average weight loss of 8% after three months and 15% after 12 months. Unlike diets that focus only on food, Jenny Craig® focuses on three key areas that are critical to effective weight loss – food, body, and mind. And, the program is customized to fit your lifestyle and budget. So, whether you want in-person support and motivation or food delivered direct to your door, Jenny Craig has a weight management solution for you.

Forget fad dietsvisit Jenny Craig® today.

Created on: 08/16/2010
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