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01/23/2012 - Articles

Baldness: Treatment Options and Possible Link to Prostate Cancer

Searching for a Link Between Baldness and Prostate Cancer Read more

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01/03/2012 - Articles

Diabetes and Natural Treatments – Are They Effective?

Should People with Diabetes Take Cinnamon? John Russo, Jr., PharmD Read more

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12/14/2011 - Articles

How Does Exercise Benefit the Failing Heart?

According to the American Heart Read more

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12/01/2011 - Articles
10/05/2011 - Articles

Why Seniors Avoid the Flu Vaccine

Overcoming Resistance: Why Seniors Avoid the Flu Vaccine Read more

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09/23/2011 - Articles

Masturbation as a Senior Couple’s Activity

Three-quarters of Americans in their late 50s and early 60s are sexually active. Read more

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10/05/2011 - Articles

Vaginal Dryness: Is it just you, or does everyone feel this way?

It's not just you; 50% of American women complain of vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis) during and p Read more

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09/01/2011 - Articles

Animal House: Companions, Therapy, and Service

Mom had a different view of pets. Dad had a soft heart. He brought strays home that became companions — living in our house under her rules. Read more

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08/29/2011 - Articles

Hot Flashes for Men: It Could Be More Than Andropause

While most men maintain normal testosterone levels during their lives, 70% to 80% of us with androgen deprivation (andropause, male menopause, testosterone deficiency syndrome [TDS]) experience hot Read more

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08/23/2011 - Articles

A Man’s Perspective on Menopause | Managing Hot Flashes

Sitting in the restaurant, warmth suddenly spread through my body. Beads of sweat formed on my head. I was helpless as rivulets coursed down my neck and over my forehead. Read more

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