Articles on Positive Aging

By focusing on the positive aspects of aging and the availability of resources, skills and resiliencies, research not only highlights useful insights but creates hope and empowers action among older people.  Look beyond practices of repair and prevention, and emphasize growth-enhancing activities — create a life full of fun, freedom and joy.

03/13/2012 - Articles

Sexual activity and age - the truth revealed!

Sexual activity has been linked to health benefits and longer life. But we don’t really know much about the sex lives of older people and, importantly, the impact that health status has. Researchers at the University of Chicago now reveal that good health and good sex go together. They looked at two age groups – over 3,000 men and women aged between 25 and 74 and over 3,000 women aged between 57 and 85. The participants provided information on factors like level of sexual activity, sexual interest, and general health. Read more

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10/05/2011 - Articles

Vaginal Dryness: Is it just you, or does everyone feel this way?

It's not just you; 50% of American women complain of vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis) during and p Read more

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09/01/2011 - Articles

Animal House: Companions, Therapy, and Service

Mom had a different view of pets. Dad had a soft heart. He brought strays home that became companions — living in our house under her rules. Read more

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08/23/2011 - Articles

A Man’s Perspective on Menopause | Managing Hot Flashes

Sitting in the restaurant, warmth suddenly spread through my body. Beads of sweat formed on my head. I was helpless as rivulets coursed down my neck and over my forehead. Read more

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08/12/2011 - Articles

Looking younger means living longer

Looking younger has often been used informally by doctors to assess a patient’s state of health. But there has been no scientific evidence that perceived age – looking younger or older than your actual age (or, indeed, looking your age) – is a health indicator. Now a team from the University of Southern Denmark reports on a study of perceived age in a group of nearly 2,000 twins aged 70 or older. To see what effect looking younger has on health, photographs were taken of the twins in 2001 and their perceived age rated by a group of female geriatric nurses, male students and older women. Read more

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08/03/2011 - Articles

Colon cancer: Confront the devil

On Christmas day, surrounded by her family, with serving platers passing left, right, and across, the devil came to collect his due. Read more

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07/28/2011 - Articles
Skin aging: The pros and cons of facial rejuvenation

Skin aging: The pros and cons of facial rejuvenation

At first they were random observations. I was the oldest person in the office. Read more

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06/28/2011 - Articles

Senior Weddings

It used to be thought that when an older couple "tied the knot" they should have a quiet, small ceremony. Read more

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05/12/2011 - Articles
Elderly and depression

Elderly and depression: How to understand Depression in the elderly 1/6

Depression in the elderly is very common. It can be triggered by social isolation and the emotional reaction to the loss of loved family members or friends. Depression in the elderly can make them withdraw from all social contact. Read more

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05/04/2010 - Articles
Elderly depression: The age factor in depression 2/4

Elderly depression: The age factor in depression 2/6

Depression does not become more common as you get older, but it may become more complex. Recent findings on age and depression confirm the so-called U-curve of well being and happiness over the human life cycle. Read more

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