Articles on Emotional Health

Mental or emotional health refers to your overall psychological well-being. It includes the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with difficulties.  Being mentally or emotionally healthy is much more than being free of depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues. Rather than the absence of mental illness, mental and emotional health refers to the presence of positive characteristics.  Mentally and emotionally healthy people have a general sense of contentment, resiliency to bounce back from adversity, the ability to laugh and have fun, a sense of meaning or purpose in life, flexibility to learn and adapt to change, the capacity to maintain a balance in the different areas of their lives and an overall self-confidence.

11/17/2011 - Articles

Elder Abuse and the Importance of Bruising

Physical abuse isn't an accident. It's an intentional action that creates a serious risk of physical harm to a vulnerable elder. Read more

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10/19/2011 - Articles

Balance Anxiety: Life as a Black Diamond Ski Trial

My first experience with balance anxiety occurred while skiing. I learned to ski while living in Utah, and actually became pretty good. Read more

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09/01/2011 - Articles

Animal House: Companions, Therapy, and Service

Mom had a different view of pets. Dad had a soft heart. He brought strays home that became companions — living in our house under her rules. Read more

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06/28/2011 - Articles

Senior Weddings

It used to be thought that when an older couple "tied the knot" they should have a quiet, small ceremony. Read more

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06/08/2011 - Articles
Why do I get so Angry?

Why do I get so Angry?

Our inability to manage anger is beginning to exceed acceptable limits. This article reviews some of the sources of irrational anger and makes suggestions about how to control outbursts. Read more

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04/19/2010 - Articles

Sexual activity and age - the truth revealed!

Sexual activity has been linked to health benefits and longer life. But we don’t really know much about the sex lives of older people and, importantly, the impact that health status has. Researchers at the University of Chicago now reveal that good health and good sex go together. They looked at two age groups – over 3,000 men and women aged between 25 and 74 and over 3,000 women aged between 57 and 85. The participants provided information on factors like level of sexual activity, sexual interest, and general health. Read more

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12/23/2009 - Articles

Anxiety Associated with Vertigo

Anxiety can cause vertigo, and vertigo can cause anxiety. It can be difficult to separate one from the other, but a review published in the journal American Family Physician is quite helpful. Read more

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12/23/2009 - Articles

How To Spot Caregiver Burnout

The risk of burnout by family caregivers is well known, and it's important to be able to recognize the signs, so that timely help can be given. Here is a list. Read more

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11/25/2009 - Articles
How Much Exercise Do You Need to Get the 'Feel-Good' Factor?

How Much Exercise Do You Need to Get the 'Feel-Good' Factor?

Feeling that your energy levels are low? A new study suggests that just ten minutes of exercise is enough to experience an increase in your energy levels. So a brisk walk at lunch might be all you need to get you through the afternoon on a high. Read more

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10/12/2009 - Articles

Chocolate may sow seeds of bad behaviour

Chocolate is high in fat and sugar but also contains antioxidants. So, as far as health and nutrition are concerned, chocolate consumption carries something of a mixed message.  A new study, from researchers at Cardiff University, Wales, now reveals that children who frequently consume chocolate and sweets are more likely to commit violent offences in adult life.  Read more

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