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Cholesterol is one of the many substances created and used by our bodies to keep us healthy.  Some of the cholesterol we need is produced naturally (and can be affected by hereditary factors), and some of it comes from the food we eat.  There are two types of cholesterol — “good” and “bad.”  It’s important to understand the difference, and to know the levels of good and bad cholesterol in your blood.  Too much of one type or not enough of the other can put you at risk for coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke.


08/12/2011 - Questions and Answers

How is Small Vessel Disease treated?

How is Small Vessel Disease treated? Read more

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05/13/2011 - Questions and Answers
Small Vessel Disease

Small Vessel Disease: What is small vessel disease?

What is small vessel disease ? Small vessel disease (or SVD) is a cardiovascular condition that causes narrowing of the smaller blood vessels that provide blood flow to the heart There are two major categories of blood vessel diseases: peripheral arterial diseases and peripheral venous diseases. Both lead to insufficient oxygen reaching the farthest parts of the blood circulation. What causes small vessel disease? Can Small vessel disease be treated? Read more

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09/20/2010 - Questions and Answers
Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Diet: A Low Cholesterol Diet to Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol Diet: Lowering Cholesterol Through Diet... Finding a truly effective lowering cholesterol diet is something that requires focus and effort. A low-cholesterol diet is a diet low in saturated fat, which helps lower your cholesterol level and protect you from various heart diseases. Read more

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01/20/2010 - Questions and Answers

Cholesterol Diet: How Much Cholesterol Should You Consume Daily?

I am on a low cholesterol diet, how much cholesterol should I consume per day? Also, I'm trying to find a list of low cholesterol foods but all that keeps coming up is low cholesterol diets! can you give me a list? Read more

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12/22/2009 - Questions and Answers

Taking statins drug can increase cancer risk?

Question I've been taking a statin drug (Lipitor) for several years now. My wife says it's dangerous to keep taking a powerful drug like that for a long time, as it can cause cancer. Is that really so? Read more

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08/28/2009 - Questions and Answers

What is cholesterol?

Question What is Cholesterol? What are the types of Cholesterol? Read more

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09/15/2003 - Questions and Answers

ECG report says: "previous infarct"?

I have had occasional abnormal ECG's that show "a previous infarct". I've not had any heart problems, but I've a family history coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both under control with medication and diet. I am participating in a clinical study for a new arthritis drug, and so I had 12 ECG's in the period of 3 days; 3 of them came back abnormal, similar to the previous ones, but ECG's taken minutes after the abnormal ECG came back normal in all cases. What could be the cause of this? Do I need further testing? Read more

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09/11/2003 - Questions and Answers

Stress Tests

I've had chest discomfort that started 1 month ago and has consistently got worse. I had an EKG, stress test, and ultrasound that didn't show any ischemic changes. I am 39, female, with no heart risks in my family, and very low cholesterol. The stress test was 9 minutes long. My heart rate rose from a resting 90 to 190 beats-per-minute during the test, but didn't want to go down after the test. It finally got down to 144 and I could leave. Is anything seriously wrong? Read more

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09/11/2003 - Questions and Answers

Chest Pain After Stent

I am a 51-year-old woman who had a stent placement in 1998. Since then I quit smoking, and have reduced my cholesterol (with the help of Lipitor). I also take Premphase and Synthyroid. I recently had chest pain lasting just a few moments which passed quickly, but with the pain a warm feeling spread from my lower abdomen upwards. Could this have been a "hot flash", or was it something caused by another cardiac problem? Read more

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09/08/2003 - Questions and Answers

Lipid levels and medication

I have just been told that I have high cholesterol and need to be treated, but I don't want to take drugs. Do I really need to? Read more

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