Statins after a heart attack

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Statins after a heart attack

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My partner has had a heart attack and is coming out of hospital tomorrow. He was on a statin before his MI, but they stopped it while he was in intensive care.

The doctor doesn't think he needs to re-start it for a few weeks yet. Isn't that dangerous?


It's well known that statins have beneficial effects in people after they've had a heart attack - not least a reduced death rate compared to patents not given statins. What's been uncertain, until a short time ago, was the timing of restarting statin therapy. Now Canadian physicians have analyzed hospital records in Quebec, comparing recurrent MI and mortality between patients who started statin therapy at discharge from hospital and those who started it between 4 and 13 weeks after discharge. They was no difference in the patients' outcome from t he two groups during the next year. So it can be concluded that delaying starting a statin until about 3 months after an MI doesn't affect the outcome for the next year. If your partner's doctor doesn't prescribe his statin after a couple of months, you might do best to remind him to ask about it.

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