Smoking cessation helps lung cancer patients

03/15/2010 - Articles

Smoking cessation helps lung cancer patients

By: Susan Aldridge, medical journalist, PhD


Smoking cessation is generally recommended to prevent people from getting lung cancer or heart disease. Like keeping to a healthy weight, taking regular exercise and eating fruit and vegetables, smoking cessation is part of a healthy lifestyle. But what of those who have already succumbed to lung cancer, most likely because of smoking? Is there any benefit to smoking cessation at this late stage? Should the doctor even try to encourage the patient to quit or should they assume that it will never happen and it is cruel to deny the comfort of smoking to a patient who may well be dying?

An interesting new study from researchers at the University of Birmingham, England, reveals that smoking cessation does indeed carry a benefit for patients with lung cancer. Reviewing a number of studies, they learned that five year survival in patients with early stage non-small cell lung cancer who continued to smoke was 33%. For those who quit, survival was 70%. Similar results were seen for patients with small cell lung cancer. The researchers say most of the benefit from smoking cessation in lung cancer patients comes from reduced risk of cancer progression rather than reduction in heart and lung disease risk.



Parsons A et al Influence of smoking cessation after diagnosis of early stage lung cancer on prognosis: systematic review of observational studies with meta-analysis British Medical Journal 30th January 2010;340:251


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Anonymous wrote 36 weeks 4 days ago

yeah exactly If you leave the cigr8, then you have save your life. because cigr8 directly attack on lungs and worst the cell. It is really harmful to us.

Anonymous wrote 39 weeks 4 days ago

Thanks for the information. There are number of people dying due to lung cancer. The main cause of lung cancer is smoking. Males are more prone to this disease than compared to women. There are many symptoms of lung cancer like muscle weakness, skin rashes, fatigue, weight loss and a decrease in sodium levels. It is very important to know the symptoms of lung cancer and if diagnosed take proper treatment. There are many treatments available for lung cancer. For more information refer

Anonymous wrote 37 weeks 5 days ago

my husband was diagnosised 9-15-09 with small cell lung cancer can you email all theinformation you have on this disease. Thank from [email protected]


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