Basic, preventive health care is an essential part of an effective overall health care plan. Many diseases can be prevented, so providing patients with the information and skills to reduce health risks — like reducing substance use, practicing safe sex, maintaining good emotional/mental health, eating healthy foods and engaging in physical activity — can dramatically reduce the occurrence of chronic conditions.

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01/13/2012 - Questions and Answers
Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Diet: A Low Cholesterol Diet to Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol Diet: Lowering Cholesterol Through Diet... Finding a truly effective lowering cholesterol diet is something that requires focus and effort. A low-cholesterol diet is a diet low in saturated fat, which helps lower your cholesterol level and protect you from various heart diseases. Read more

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12/14/2011 - Articles

How Does Exercise Benefit the Failing Heart?

According to the American Heart Read more

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12/01/2011 - Articles
11/17/2011 - Articles

Elder Abuse and the Importance of Bruising

Physical abuse isn't an accident. It's an intentional action that creates a serious risk of physical harm to a vulnerable elder. Read more

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11/01/2011 - News

Weight Gain in Middle Age Reduces Odds of Healthy Survival in Women

In the United States, there has been a steady increase in overweight and obesity; in 2003-4, 66.3 percent of American adults were overweight or obese compared with 14.5 percent in 1976. In the current issue of British Medical Journal, researchers report that weight gain in mid-life is strongly related to a reduced likelihood of healthy survival among women who live to older ages. Read more

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10/19/2011 - Articles

Balance Anxiety: Life as a Black Diamond Ski Trial

My first experience with balance anxiety occurred while skiing. I learned to ski while living in Utah, and actually became pretty good. Read more

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10/05/2011 - Articles

Why Seniors Avoid the Flu Vaccine

Overcoming Resistance: Why Seniors Avoid the Flu Vaccine Read more

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10/05/2011 - Articles

Vaginal Dryness: Is it just you, or does everyone feel this way?

It's not just you; 50% of American women complain of vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis) during and p Read more

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09/17/2011 - Articles
How to avoid constipation

How To Avoid Constipation: Simple Tips To Avoid Constipation

Not everyone can go to the toilet every day. Constipation is generally considered to constitute less than three stools per week. Action is warranted if the feces are hard and the . Read more

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09/01/2011 - Articles

Animal House: Companions, Therapy, and Service

Mom had a different view of pets. Dad had a soft heart. He brought strays home that became companions — living in our house under her rules. Read more

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