11/30/2009 - Press Release

By: John Sternal

FORT MYERS, FLA. – An advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently recommended limiting sales of acetaminophen products like Tylenol and also recommended banning prescription pain medications, Vicodin and Percocet. This recommendation will prompt more people to change their habits and focus on joint pain remedy and pain relievers found in the natural vitamin supplements industry for arthritis treatment.

Acetaminophen, along with prescription pain medications like Vicodin and Percocet have all recently made headlines attracting consumers’ attention because the FDA panel believes the drugs pose a risk of liver failure. The headlines underscore why 32 percent more people are now choosing arthritis remedy supplements like Flexcin, which offers the only joint pain treatment with the CM8TM ingredient.
“Like millions of others, I have little interest in taking prescription pain medications because of the uncomfortable and dangerous side effects that can possibly do even more harm to my body,” said Lisa Sharron, who takes Flexcin arthritis remedy regularly. “Additionally, I don’t want to just put a mask over my pain, I want to repair my arthritis so I can get back to living a normal life, which Flexcin joint pain remedy allows me to do.”
Unlike prescription pain medications that work to mask pain, Flexcin with CM8 (cetyl myristoleate) is a natural vitamin supplement that instead works to repair joint damage. Flexcin with CM8 works as an arthritis remedy, joint pain treatment and arthritis treatment for hip pain, shoulder, knee, elbow, hand or foot pain, and muscle pain. Cetyl myristoleate is clinically proven to promote optimal joint health by helping to stimulate the lubricating fluid in the joints, support stronger cartilage and increase total mobility.
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About Flexcin International, Inc.
Flexcin International, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of leading natural supplements for joint pain treatment. Flexcin is a joint pain remedy that helps relieve bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, and any other form of arthritis. Along with its Flexpet line of supplements for pet arthritis, Flexcin is the only arthritis treatment with the patented CM8 ingredient, clinically proven to stimulate joint fluid lubrication, strengthen cartilage and increase mobility. For more information visit http://flexcin.com, http://flexpet.com or call (800) 505-0575.

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