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10/30/2009 - Articles

Prediabetes is a big problem in UK

By: Susan Aldridge, medical journalist, PhD


Prediabetes is a condition characterised by higher than normal blood glucose and an increased risk of progressing to type 2 diabetes.  Often, people are completely unaware that they have prediabetes, which means they miss out on interventions that could prevent type 2 diabetes developing.  According to a new report from the leading charity Diabetes UK there are nine million people in the UK with prediabetes.  Also known as impaired glucose regulation, prediabetes is defined as having a blood glucose level that is higher than normal but less than is usually the limit to diagnose type 2 diabetes.

Many of those who have prediabetes are either overweight or obese and they are also likely to have a family history of prediabetes. Another feature is high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  All of these factors can readily be diagnosed so that those who have prediabetes could be identified in primary care. Prediabetes can often be reversed by measures such as losing a moderate amount of weight, improving diet and increasing exercise levels.

Therefore Diabetes UK is keen to support the government’s NHS Health Check Programme which will help identify those who have prediabetes. There are some pointers you could be aware of in case you have prediabetes.  So, if you are white and over 40 or are black or South Asian and over 25 and have a close relation with type 2 diabetes you may have prediabetes yourself. Other risk factors for prediabetes are high blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome in women, waist measurement over 31.5 inches in women or 37 inches or more in men (35 inches or more in South Asian men).  Women who had diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy are also at risk of prediabetes as are those with mental health problems. Diabetes UK says that the more risk factors there are, the greater the risk is that someone has prediabetes. If you have one or more of these risk factors, you should consult your primary care practitioner so you can work together to help prevent prediabetes, if you have it, progressing to type 2 diabetes.



Diabetes UK October 19 2009


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Anonymous wrote 4 weeks 6 days ago

Baloney. It IS preventable and for the majority of diabetics IS self-inflicted! People who claim "genetics" or "viruses" are missing the point and diverting accountability

There IS a cure, and it's through dietary and lifestyle changes and supplementation to support insulin sensitivity and regulate the mitochondria. Naturopathic doctors (and Chinese medicine doctors) have been treating pre-diabetes and diabetes for years. Unfortunately by the time Type 2 diabetics are injecting insulin they have typically already had pancreatic burnout, ie: no longer producing insulin.

Simple advice:
- start exercise daily (even a 30 minute brisk walk to get your heart rate up helps!) **probably the most important factor in initial stages**
- stop consuming grains (only a couple are allowed, ex. quinoa)
- stop consuming processed foods sugar, flour, breads, pastries, etc.
- start consuming MOST vegetables (your diet should be largely veggie based) - avoid carrots, potatos of all kinds, and other "sweet vegetables"
- start supplementing with chromium, vanadium, alpha lipoic acid and other blood sugar regulators (under the guidance of a naturopath)
- choose higher fat, higher protein foods over carb's... for diabetics FIBRE and complex polysaccharides is really the only GOOD carb (good fats like avocado, coconut oil and omega fatty acids DON'T make you fat... CARBS DO!)

Hope this was helpful and the tone wasn't too brash, I'm just trying to match the tone with the severity of this epidemic :)

Anonymous wrote 9 weeks 1 day ago

Full fledged, insulin shooting diabetic here - Must be a virus or something like a GMO side-effect! What have they put in our food this time? Not preventable, not self-inflicted by sloth as commonly thought, and as per common propagandists (corporatists every damned one of them) would have you believe! Diabetes, a horrible, energy sapping, affliction, no cure, no obvious cause! Are we being told the truth? I suspect hidden, and politically buried studies could reveal the real causes of this saddening restrictive affliction! I watch closely now, for a cover-up! Racial over-tones smack of the great corporate propagandist's tool-chest!

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