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Osteopenia Treatment: What is the best treatment for osteopenia?

By: Mark Castleden


Osteoporosis is a loss of bony tissue, resulting in bones that are brittle and liable to break easily (fractures).

Treatment for osteopenia are often the same methods used for treating osteoporosis. Osteopenia treatment depends on age and risk factors, but it often includes calcium and vitamin D supplementation.


I'm searching information about treatment for osteopenia and I'd like to know what would be the best treatment for osteopenia without fractures?


If you are known to have osteopenia and have not yet had any fractures, that is the time to start treatment. There is a relationship between the amount of calcium you take and the strength of your bones and subsequent fractures. Osteopenia can occur in both sexes, but is more common in women. Peak bone mass occurs at about the age of 30, but after that there is a decline in both sexes. In men, this decline is steady, whereas in women there is a rapid fall for some 10 years around the time of the menopause. Accelerated bone loss may also occur as a result of immobility, endocrine disease, genetic abnormalities and nutritional diseases. Bone loss is also increased by excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, early menopause and excessive thinness. Of course without any medical referral at all you can correct these lifestyle factors if they are relevant to you. What further treatment you require does depend on other clinical conditions that you may have. Treatment for ostopenia consists of calcium and vitamin D, bi-phosphonates and hormone replacement therapy.

The use of hormone replacement therapy must be reconsidered in the light of recent findings from the Women's Health Initiative Study. The potential risk of breast cancer and other side effects has been determined fairly conclusively - see link below "Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) - Now What to Do?" (Robert Griffith, editor)



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Anonymous wrote 2 years 12 weeks ago

Osteopenia can also be treated with drugs used to prevent osteoporosis, but there're some side effects I heard