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12/21/2009 - News

Men with low testosterone more likely to fall

By: Susan Aldridge, medical journalist, PhD


Low testosterone is linked with an increased risk of having a fall among men.The amount of the hormone testosterone in a man's blood declines with age. Some research has suggested that this decrease might be linked to age-related health problems.

In a new study, researchers at Oregon Health and Science University have investigated a possible link between low testosterone and the risk of falling.

The group of 2,587 men, aged between 65 and 99, were enrolled in the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study and 56 of them had at least one fall during the study time from 2000/2002 to 2005. Those with lower testosterone were more likely to have a fall. It is not clear how a lack of testosterone may influence the risk of a fall - but it may affect vision, thinking or co-ordination. Further research may indicate whether testosterone supplementation could decrease the risk of having a fall, and the accompanying disability.


Archives of Internal Medicine 23rd October 2006 Volume 166 pages 2124-2131

Created on: 10/24/2006
Reviewed on: 12/21/2009

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