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Is my Thyroid causing my Anxiety?

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I sweat a lot, especially when I'm anxious about something. Do you think it's my thyroid gland?



Unfortunately we do not know your age or gender but it is so that sweating or clammy skin is one symptom of an overactive thyroid. However, a thyroid problem could not be diagnosed with only one symptom being experienced, as there are many different symptoms for thyroid problems. You did however mention that you "sweat a lot, especially when I'm anxious about something" but have omitted to mention what events actually trigger your anxiety attacks. You would be advised to talk with your own doctor about your thyroid concerns. On examination, if your doctor thought some laboratory tests necessary, you would at least have peace of mind if your thyroid was O.K.

If there is no medical diagnosis discovered, what we can tell you is that anxiety or stress can cause physical symptoms. Anxiety is a physical as well as a psychological reality. The person becomes intensely activated and many symptoms can be present, including "sweating". Any symptom is a response of the person's nervous system to un-managed stress. When you have anxiety, sweating is a very common symptom. In most cases, sweating is perfectly natural. Being nervous, anxious angry or afraid causes sweating. Stress and anxiety triggers the brain to produce the hormones that make you sweat. Don't feel ashamed, many people experience anxiety symptoms. Anxiety disorder and panic attacks are very common disorders. Your doctor will understand. Make a list of your symptoms to take with you to the doctor so that you don't forget any of them. Be sure to talk openly and freely with your doctor so you can get the help you deserve.

A good way to prevent anxiety sweating is to learn to relax, so you can control triggering stress which causes this anxiety symptom, or perhaps remove yourself from stressful situations if appropriate. Other important ways of combating anxiety or negative stress are: Regular Exercise - Healthy life style - Share your Feelings - Laughter and a sense of Humour - Hobbies - Give in occasionally. Be flexible! - Go easy with criticism - Meditation - .Visualization. Other assistance can be found in the links provided below.

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