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Good foods & special diets

By: Mark Castleden



How can special diets (like low salt) be made to taste good?


Unfortunately, it is true. Some dietary restrictions can make it difficult to make meals that are appealing to the taste or even the eye. But special diets that are not eaten do no good. There are things that can be done. For salt restricted diets, alternate spices can enhance the food's flavor. For low fat diets, lean sources of protein such as poultry, fish, and beans can be prepared in a variety of ways. Even pureed diets, can be made to look more appealing by pressing the mixtures into loaf shapes and serving slices much like a meatloaf.

A useful source of information is the website is www.mymenus.com. At this site, you can indicate the special dietary needs and recipes and menus will be provided. An additional source of recipes may be one or more of the companies that make specialized foods, like salt substitutes. These manufacturers often provide good recipes if you ask. Look on the side of packages for information.



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