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Feel Full and Still Lose Weight

By: June Chen, MD


Have you ever heard of Volumetrics®? Volumetrics® is a set of techniques for feeling full on fewer calories, and it’s the basis of a weight loss philosophy. Research shows that we eat approximately about the same amount, or volume, of food each day. So, it goes to reason that, if you choose foods with more volume per calorie and eat the same volume of food, you’ll be more likely to lose weight, without feeling deprived of food.

Basically, Volumetrics® is an approach to eating that is designed to help control hunger, increase satisfaction, and manage calories. It’s based on the research of Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., professor of nutritional sciences at Penn State University. Volumetrics® teaches you to choose foods that give you more to eat for fewer calories so that you can manage portions, keep your hunger in check, and lose weight. Foods that are rich in water, fiber, and protein and lower in fat add volume to your diet, while lowering calorie density. In some cases, you might even eat more food than you did before and still be able to achieve weight loss and continue to manage your weight over time.
The new Jenny Craig® menu features foods that take advantage of the Volumetrics® philosophy. Jenny Craig® menus have always focused on providing nutritional balance, variety, and portion control. Now that the Jenny Craig® menu highlights Volumetrics®, you can eat more food while taking in fewer calories, so losing weight no longer means having to listen to your stomach growl all day long.
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