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Depression Associated With Diabetes Complications

By: June Chen, MD


Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease, and inadequate blood sugar control can lead to long-term complications that affect the small and large blood vessels of the body. In an article published online ahead of print in Diabetes Care, investigators from Seattle, Wash. report that, among people with type 2 diabetes, major depression is linked to an increased risk of diabetes-related complications over the five years that follow.

The researchers followed a group of 4,623 patients with type 2 diabetes from 2000-2002 through 2005-2007 in order to examine the association of depression with risks for diabetes­-related complications such as blindness, end-stage kidney disease, amputations, heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular problems, and death. They found that, after adjusting for factors such as prior diabetes-related complications and diabetes self-care activities, a diagnosis of major depression was associated with a significantly higher risk of adverse microvascular and macrovascular outcomes.

Although further research is needed to clarify the underlying mechanisms for this association between depression and diabetes complications, this study emphasizes the important of intervening when patients with diabetes present with depression.


Diabetes Care, published ahead of print 23 November 2009.


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