HealthandAge - Comments for "Recurring Thyroid Cysts" /recurring-thyroid-cysts Comments for "Recurring Thyroid Cysts" en Recurring Thyroid Cysts /recurring-thyroid-cysts#comment-1357 <p>i had a cyst removed but now . it came back. The doctor did a biopsy but he said that the results were inconclusive. Is there sumthing wrong?</p> pubDate Fri, 09 Apr 2010 20:57:34 +0200 dc:creator Anonymous guid false comment 1357 at Recurring Thyroid Cysts /recurring-thyroid-cysts#comment-136 <p>Surgical care for goiters is generally reserved for large goiters that are compressing on nearby structures and causing symptoms, malignant goiters, and goiters that do not respond, or are not amenable, to other forms of therapy, such as hormone suppression. Without knowing all of your medical history or additional details about the tumour on your thyroid, it is not possible to make recommendations on future treatment. While close observation may be a reasonable option for managing your condition, it is recommended that you discuss your questions and concerns with your physician.</p> pubDate Mon, 10 Aug 2009 01:27:56 +0200 dc:creator JUN guid false comment 136 at Recurring Thyroid Cysts /recurring-thyroid-cysts#comment-134 <p>In 1999 I had a 5.2cm follicular Adenoma which resulted in a R hemithyroidectomy in one of our main hospitals in Brisbane. Now I have a 6.4cm tumour on my L goiterous thyroid. My now DR. would like me to have 6 monthly checkups to keep up with the tumour's progress. My feeling is that I want it out! Can I request a needle aspiration now??? What do you suggest??</p> pubDate Thu, 06 Aug 2009 01:56:29 +0200 dc:creator Anonymous guid false comment 134 at