Blood Pressure at Different Times of the Day

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Blood Pressure at Different Times of the Day

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My doctor advised me to check my blood pressure from time to time. I'm on high blood pressure medication (Vasotec and a 'water pill'). Does it matter which time of day I measure my pressure?



It's probably a good idea to check your blood pressure at three or four different times during the day, to make sure your drug regime is being effective over the 24 hours. Say pre-breakfast, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and in the evening. Let your doctor know if there are times when your pressure seems to be higher than desirable. If necessary, your doctor will arrange for you to wear an automatic measuring apparatus for a 24- or 48-hour period

You should expect to see a 'dip' in your pressure at night, if it's measured then. If in fact you don't have this dip, or have a higher pressure at night, you might be at risk of developing some lessening of brain function. In a recent study from the Mayo Clinic it was found that lack of a dip, or higher night-time pressure, were associated with poorer performances on tests of mental performance ('cognitive function'). So it's important that your medications are effective throughout the day (and night); if not, tell your doctor.

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