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Bladder training for men

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Where can I get self-help on bladder retraining, please? I find that I leak urine occasionally, and it's embarrassing and unhygienic. I'm male, aged 64, and my doctor tells me my prostate is normal.



We would advise you to be guided by your urologist, if you have one. Otherwise, you should ask your family doctor to refer you for a consultation.

Working with a urologist, an individual program is established. This usually starts with a four-week period of holding the urine for a minimum of a certain number of minutes or hours (based on the patient's current average voiding schedule). The patient is encouraged to wait a specified period after the first urge is felt before urinating (15 minutes, for example). If severe pain is felt before the period has elapsed, voiding is encouraged. If, after waiting for the whole period, the patient finds that the need to urinate has lessened, then he should wait until the next urge to void is felt.

At the end of one month, the time interval is increased, and at the end of the
second month, the interval is increased again. The goal is to have the patient meet the required interval most of the time. It's acceptable if intervals are occasionally longer or shorter, as long as the minimum interval is achieved most of the time. See the first links below for more on this.

Pelvic muscle rehabilitation aims to strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve the ability to hold fluid for longer periods. Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles are simple in principle, but they require careful instruction and proper execution to be effective. If you don't think you're doing them properly, ask your therapist to clearly explain how to perform them correctly.


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