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 1. Introduction to Healthy Aging
We believe that aging - long considered as something unpleasantly inevitable to be ignored for as long as possible - is in fact a life-long process that starts at birth. This ongoing process should be examined from this new angle, and the resulting information distilled into practical, educational guidelines on understanding, avoiding and treating illnesses at different stages throughout life. This statement finds expression in the wide range of articles we publish on this complex subject.

 2. What we are
Our HealthandAge website is sponsored by Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications. Healthandage.com was created in 1998 by the Novartis Foundation for Gerontology, which was replaced in January 2005 by the HealthandAge Foundation. HealthandAge was acquired by Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications in November 2007. Boomerang has retained the services of core personnel from the original website.
HealthandAge.com is written and edited by medical professionals; it presents accurate, credible, and reliable health information online, which empowers 50+ people to identify, understand, prevent, treat, and communicate effectively with their health professionals about a wide variety of medical conditions.

 3. Who runs HealthandAge?
HealthandAge has two operations – one based in Mulhouse, France serving Western Europe, and one based on Montville, New Jersey, serving the USA.

 4. Who is in charge of the site content?
Our HealthandAge website is managed by the HealthandAge.com Company.
The CEO of HealthandAge.com is: Emmanuel Bueb.

•    Medical Committee:

  • Professor Bruno Vellas (Chairman)
  • Professor DR. Lutz Frölich
  • Professor Alan Sinclair
  • Professor DR. Cornel Sieber
  • Doctor Antoni Salvà
  • Charles Studer
  • Professor Hannes Staehelin
  • Doctor Jerome Yesavage

•    Editorial committee: June Chen, MD; Susan Aldridge, PhD, medical journalist 
•    Management team: Salah Benzakour; Bruno Persechini; Hélène Levasseur

 5. Who are our partners?
HealthandAge.com has developed a cooperative network of relationships with prestigious leaders and medical institutions around the world. This network is integrated into HealthandAge in the form of "Mini-Sites". The Mini-Sites are listed under the headings below; to see them, please click below:
•    Professional HealthandAge Network:

 6. What are our information sources?
Sources for our articles include recent publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, reviews of topical subjects by recognized experts, and personal experiences reported by patients, caregivers and friends.

The publications most frequently sourced are the major English language medical journals: New England Journal of Medicine, British Medical Journal, Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, and Journal of the American Geriatrics Association, as well as specialist journals such as: Archives of Internal Medicine, Circulation, Hypertension, Stroke, Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Annals of Medicine, Neurology, Diabetes Care, Diabetes, Geriatrics, Cancer, etc:

Other sources are provided by some of our partners, who have cooperated with us in creating or providing Mini-Sites. If you would like to contribute an article to the HealthandAge website, please contact us:

 7. What criteria do we apply to our health information?
The Journal of the American Medical Association has published a review of published studies of the quality of health information on the Internet (Eysenbach G, Powell J, Kuss, Ryoung Sa. Empirical studies assessing the quality of health information for consumers on the World Wide Web. JAMA 2002;287:2691-2700). The intent was to determine the most suitable methodology for evaluating health information Web sites. A total of 170 full articles were reviewed, which had evaluated almost 6,000 health Websites.
The main value of the review was a compilation of the criteria considered important in evaluating health Web sites. Accuracy, completeness, readability level, and design were main criteria used in subjectively evaluating the quality of the sites.
How does HealthandAge stack up? In fact, we meet all but two of the 26 criteria - we don't give physician's credentials, as these are obvious from the sources we use (i.e. peer-reviewed journals), and we don't give a fax number (we expect our critics to send us an e-mail or a registered letter).

 8. Advertising policy
In line with its mission of making reliable health information available to the public, HealthandAge.com pages accept advertising and sponsorship under strict guidelines. Three points are of prime importance:
•    We refuse any advertisement that we believe is incompatible with our mission.
•    We do not actively endorse any company or product. An advertisement appearing on our site does not mean we endorse that advertised company or product.
•    HealthandAge.com maintains a distinct separation between advertising content and editorial content, and all advertising is clearly identifiable as such. Opinions expressed in signed articles and which may reflect on a specific institution, company, or product, are the responsibility of the author(s) alone.

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This About Us was created on January 12, 2006. Updated in March, 2009.