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Swelling of the scrotum

By: Mark Castleden



During my annual check-up, my doctor said I had' 'water' in my scrotum area and at the base of my penis. What did he mean? What are the causes and the cure, if any?


This sounds as if you have a hydrocele. Your doctor can tell you if this is indeed the case, or if he/she suspects some other condition.

A hydrocele occurs when fluid fills the membrane covering the front and sides of the testicle and epididymis in the scrotum. It's not usually painful, but it's often uncomfortable due to the increased size of the scrotum. A hydrocele commonly affects one side of the scrotum, but in some instances both sides may be affected. Possible causes of a hydrocele are: trauma to the scrotal area, or inflammation or infection of the epididymis. Some hydroceles do not need to be treated, as they resolve without intervention or remain symptom-free. Indications for surgical hydrocele repair include pain, discomfort due to the size and/or location. The link below gives much more information about your problem.


  • NIH Link: Hydrocele
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