High blood pressure accompanies diabetes

01/11/2002 - News

High blood pressure accompanies diabetes

By: Susan Aldridge, medical journalist, PhD


A majority of those with diabetes also have high blood pressure, compounding their risk of heart disease.

Heart disease risk factors tend to come not singly, but in clusters. People who are overweight may also have diabetes and so on. A new study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts the spotlight on the incidence of hypertension among those who also have diabetes.

They found that 71 per cent of diabetics also have high blood pressure, which adds to their risk of heart disease. But few of these people have their blood pressure controlled to below 130/85 mm Hg, which is the recommended level. Of those with both conditions, 71 per cent knew they had high blood pressure and 57 per cent of them were on medication.

But that's not the end of the story. Only 43 per cent of those on drug actually had effective control of their blood pressure. Among the population without diabetes, the corresponding figure is 45 per cent. It's likely that they're being prescribed the wrong drug, the wrong dose, not being monitored, or perhaps failing to take their medication. Whatever the reason, it's not good enough that so many people with diabetes are at added risk through having uncontrolled blood pressure. They, and their doctors, need to take a more active approach to blood pressure management.


American Journal of Preventive Medicine January 2002

Created on: 01/11/2002
Reviewed on: 01/11/2002

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