01/11/2010 - News

Calcium intake may be important in kidney stones

By: Susan Aldridge, medical journalist, PhD



People with kidney stones should take medical advice over the amount of calcium in their diet.
Around ten per cent of Americans develop kidney stones, which occur when substances in urine build up into tiny crystals in the kidneys. A new study from doctors at the University of Texas now reveals that increasing calcium intake - which some research has suggested - might not be a good idea.

They re-analyzed data from over 2,000 kidney stone patients and learned that the levels of calcium in the urine may be an important factor in kidney stone formation. While an adequate calcium intake is essential for protecting bone health, too much might promote kidney stones. There can be no generalizations on calcium intake, however, because its effects depend on the nature of the kidney stone and other factors such as efficiency of calcium absorption. Patients with kidney stones should consult their doctor when considering an increase or decrease in their calcium intake.


Journal of Urology December 2004

Created on: 01/07/2005
Reviewed on: 01/11/2010

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